Fathers Day Art Fundraiser

We are very pleased to announce we will be having personal area exness another art fundraiser since the last one we did raised $2,000. we are hoping this one we can double this amount.  It will be held at the Elk Brewing Company in Parker. Please check back here for more information. If you are interested in sponsorship, donations, displaying your work or more details please let me know by e-mailing us at info@stymieccf.org

MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE http://stymieccf.org/fd-event

We can’t wait to see you there!!!

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Art Show Fundraiser

Posters are being printed, tickets are available for exness login and we have locked down having Dr Elsmlie from Veterinary Cancer Specialists in Denver to speak at the event. We have some great sponsors and donations.  It is going to be a great event and great way for the Stymie Canine Cancer Foundation to start off 2012!

2011 was not bad for our first year.  We know 2012 will be a better year by the way we ended!!!

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The First After Valentine Art Show is set for https://www.exness-trade.my/login @ the Rackhouse Pub in Denver!!!! We are very excited for this event. We will have great local artists/beverages/chance to make your own art on canvas and more. We have several great sponsors and donations..

We will be posting a page where you can see each companies logo and what items they will be donating or sponsoring!!!!

Remeber to mention StymieCCF because they will donate a portion to the foundation

Safety Flash Pet Handle (Donation of all door gift bags, Dog Brushes & Silent Auction Item)
Jazz Marazz (Silent Auction Item)
EcoMaids of Denver   Check out our link on their page
Pet Scoop Services
Oil Vibrants Member to #282134 to Order
Paws and Read Magazine
Endura Pet
CorePower Yoga
Canyon Wind Cellars
D’Vine Wine

Peach Street Distillers (SPONSOR)


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First Annual Valentine Art Show

We are so excited about our upcoming event. Event is planned for February 18, 2012 in the metro Denver area.  Local Artists will be displaying their artwork and guests will not only have a chance to meet the artists and purchase their art work. A portion of the art work will go to the Stymie Canine Cancer Foundation.  Guests will also have a a chance to watch a doggies fashion show while enjoying beverages and food from local companies.  We have more planned and some possibly exciting guests so please stay tuned.

There will be a silent auction and raffle as well as great door gift bags.  If you would like to contribute to this event please let us know.


We hope to see you at this upcoming event.


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The Latest!!!

Well I never realized I did not publish my last post on Merchandise.. I was wondering what had happened to it.. Wow what an adventure it has been for the good.  We have had events every weekend to attend and so thankful for the encouragement we get each time.  We have been the Great Iowa Pet Expo, Boxerstock in Georgia and St Louis Pet Expo all in October.  This month we will have 2 Puppy Up Walks and the VPI 5th annual walk.  We have been growing our network which is so important.  We are so happy when we hear I heard about you or I saw your post on FB.  It means to world to us to have to word spread.  As I have said in the past the best gift someone can give us is by spreading information about the foundation. Word of mouth is so important.  We have been working on getting grants and sponsorships into the foundation.  Our goal this year is to get new sponsors and have a sponsor page with their logos on our banners.  If you know of anyone that might be interested please now.

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Hello All!!!! Merchandise page is up and running on a separate webpage until we are able to combine them.


Click Here

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I just wanted to do a quick update and say our past events have been extremely successful and we really appreciate the support from everyone!!!!  I apologies I have not been keeping this up to date. I had a slight medical emergency where an ovarian cyst ruptured and bled into my abdomen.  Everything is on the mend and I was able to do the GABF which was a huge success.

In a couple of weeks I will be heading to Iowa for the Great American Iowa Pet Expo and then driving over to Atlanta for the Boxerstock and then headed up to St Louis for the Amazing Pet Expo.  We are looking forward in meeting new people and hopefully selling more products for the proceeds.

People have asked us when they make a purchase how much of the proceeds go to the foundation.  All the proceeds go to the foundation as we do not have an office that we need to pay for or phone service.  Additionally, there are not administrative fees everyone is a volunteer.

This is it for now and I will try and update everyone while on the rode.

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Wonder Pet Expo – AZ

We are here at the Wonder Pet Expo in Arizona… We have brought our leashes and collars for sale… The proceeds of each purchase goes back to the foundation..

After our loss of Stymie on August 29, 2011 we took a week to just mourn his loss.  We agreed that after his loss we would start and become foster parents. We have been fortunate enough that we are getting our first foster dog today!!! We are all very excited to be back to 3 dogs and not 2 dogs and to be able to help out with other foundations.

As I boarded the plane to come out to Arizona.. I knew I had forgotten some items. Frazzled still from Stymie passing I decided to just get up and go.. Well i did forget some of our leashes and collars. This has just forced me to get moving on setting up our online store so that people stopping by can purchase our products and start helping the foundation with the proceeds.

Our goal this week after the Wonder Pet Expo is to update our website so you can buy the items you have seen at the different events.

Thank you all for your support!!!!

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RIP Stymie

I just wanted to do a quick post to announce that Stymie passed away on August 29, 2011. He made it to his 5th birthday on August 26, 2011.  This Foundation gives more of a reason on how important your donations are. Although Stymie is not physically with us he will live in the hearts of many. We hope he will be able to help most families that are out there and to make a change in different families lives.

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Busy is a Good Thing!!!

Been real busy!!!! We need to update our event page as we are going to so many events that are not even posted… We are looking for a volunteer right now that is willing to keep our web page up to date and fresh!!! We have items that we are selling that are not listed if you want something you saw at one of the venues.. Being Busy is a GREAT THING!!! We just want to be able to keep everyone up to date on what is going on and get more information up on the site.. I do promise to get there.. As a founder I am trying to always be at the events in all years to come as well. I want to be the face to the organization for people to personally ask me questions.. We are here for everyone!!!! Working hard I promise to make a difference.. We have great ideas ahead just need to finish getting them patented and trademarked before we share our great ideas. TRUST me they are GREAT!!!!! Thank you all for your support and keeping up with us.

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